Thru-Travel of the Trail

Whether on foot, by boat, on a bicycle or behind the wheel, there are many ways to experience the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. There is no wrong way to explore the full length of the trail. Indeed, to fully appreciate the breadth of experiences along the trail, you will likely want to try many means of travel.  Retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark from the East to the Pacific with these opportunities for Thru-Discovery.

Lewis and Clark Trail Cycle Route

The Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail was created to celebrate the anniversary of the Corps of Discovery’s 1803-1806 historic journey and offers cyclists the opportunity to follow the path of the intrepid explorers Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The main route of the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail is made up of paved roads, bike paths, and unpaved rail-trails, with occasional short sections of gravel roads. Conditions vary from rural to urban.  Learn more >