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Spend a Day Outdoors in Beech Fork WV

Do you enjoy fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, or just spending time in the great outdoors? If so, then look no further than Beech Fork West Virginia. Beech Fork is located approximately 12 miles away from Huntington, and features a State Park, a wildlife management area, a lake, a marina, and more. If you’re looking for more than a day trip, lodging options range from tent camping to cabins. Read on to learn how you can spend a day outdoors in Beech Fork, West Virginia. 

Beech Fork State Park

Hiker in the woods

Beech Fork State Park  spans 1,344 acres and offers campsites, hiking trails, and Beech Fork lake, which has 31 miles of shoreline. The state park offers many opportunities for family activities. If you are looking for activities on the water, you can rent out Canoes, kayaks, jon boats, paddle boats and stand up paddle boards at the park’s boat dock. Additionally, there is a boat dock operating from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and is open noon-8pm. Note: Life jackets are required to go out onto the water, and ones will be provided if you do not have your own. There is also a paved boat launch, open from April until November. The park also features a handicap accessible fishing pier. If you prefer activities on land, there are still plenty of options. The state park offers over 14 miles of trails that are perfect for both hiking and biking. Additionally, if you have a phone with a GPS, the park offers geocaching which can be great to complete with family or friends. There are also 275 campsites, located across 4 different camping areas within the park, which is perfect if you want to spend more than a single day outdoors in Beech Fork, West Virginia. Read on for more specific lodging information.

Beech Fork Wildlife Management Area

outdoors in the woods

The Beech Fork Wildlife Management Area is over 7,000 acres, and offers wildlife viewing, hunting, and fishing. For those who enjoy fishing, Beech fork Lake and Millers Fork pond are both great options. Game fish commonly caught here include spotted and largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, tiger muskellunge, crappie, and more. For those who enjoy hunting, the wildlife area features bothe big and small game. Big game includes deer and turkey, and small game includes waterfowl, squirrel, grouse, rabbits, and more. There is also a shooting range on the grounds. Birdwatching and wildlife viewing is also very popular. From forest dwelling birds and deer in the wooded area, to heron and other animals at the lake, there are plenty of creatures around. Be sure to bring binoculars when you’re outdoors in Beech Fork, West Virginia!

Beech Fork Lake 

spending a day outdoors on the water

Beech Fork Lake is 720 acre reservoir that spans across Wayne and Cabell county, and is associated with both the state park and the wildlife management area. The lake is man-made and was constructed in the mid 1970s by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Flood Control Act of 1962. The lake offers opportunities for boating, fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking, and biking. Additionally, birdwatching is very popular around the lake. Since it is surrounded by miles of Appalachian hardwood trees, many forest dwelling birds call the surrounding area home. These include, but are not limited to, wood warblers, thrushes, cuckoos, and chats. What birds will you see while spending time outdoors in Beech Fork WV? 

Beech Fork Marina 

If you are looking for a more private waterfront opportunity, Beech Fork Marina is for you. The marina offers over 225 boat slips for private docking, however it also has more to offer. The 720 acre lake is located nestled between wooded hills, and has 31 miles of coastline. The marina also includes a bait shop and rental boats. These rental boats range from pontoon boats and fishing boats, to canoes and kayaks. Additionally, it is a great fishing spot, be it on the shoreline or off of a boat. A boat ramp is also available. Note: the marina has a 10 H.P limit on boat engines to maintain the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 


camping outdoors

Beech Fork West Virginia is a perfect place for all camping lovers and those looking to spend more than a day outdoors in Beech Fork, West Virginia The state park offers camping and cabin options, as do some other places in the area. Beech Fork State Park offers 275 campsites across 4 camping areas. 99 of these campsites are lakefront. All 275 campsites have a paved parking pad, a grill, a picnic table, and access to bathhouses and restrooms. Note: WIFI is only available at the Old Orchard Campground bathhouse. In addition, Beech Fork has a Camper’s Corner Store featuring basic grocery, camping and fishing supplies, ice, firewood, and more. The store also has game equipment available to rent. The store is open April through October, with summer hours being 8am to 9pm, and limited late afternoon hours before Memorial Day and After Labor Day. Beech Fork State Park also offers 6 vacation cabins. These are located on a ridge line above the lake. Two of the six are pet friendly, and all 6 are available year-round. These include water and electric, central heat and air, a stone fire pit, outside grill, satellite TV, phone, internet and more. Cabin rates and availability are available here


We hope this blog provided you with helpful ideas for ways to enjoy the great outdoors! Beech Fork is full of woods, water, nature, and great ways to spend a day: perfect for anyone who loves hiking, water activities, wildlife viewing, or just spending time outside. While you’re outdoors in Beech Fork, be sure to snap a picture and share it with us on our Instagram. For more information about the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, be sure to check out our website, and read our other blogs for more trip inspiration!

Visiting Fort Thomas, Kentucky: A Town Rich in Military History

Fort Thomas, Kentucky is probably a town you haven’t heard much about, but when traveling along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, it’s definitely a place you won’t want to miss! Just on the outskirts of Cincinnati, this town rich in military history will come as a pleasant surprise. With historical earthworks, parks, and a museum, visiting Fort Thomas, Kentucky is a great way to spend a day, especially if you want a break from city life! Plus, if military history isn’t your forte, there is plenty of entertainment in the area for all ages.

Bridge spanning the Ohio river
Image by emilyd3 from Pixabay

History and Entertainment in Fort Thomas

The rich military history that lives on in Fort Thomas is truly remarkable. From having significance in the Civil War all the way to World War II, it’s amazing to see how its history has been preserved. The town is named after George Henry Thomas, a significant Union general during the civil war–and after him, many other notable people came along such as General Phillip Sheridan and Major Samuel Woodfill. It was also in this town that the 6th Infantry Regiment was stationed around the turn of the 20th century until the Spanish-American War!

You can read more about the history of Fort Thomas here.

Historical military canon in grass
Photo by Sonya Tyler on Unsplash

Tower Park 900 S Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas

Tower Park is your standard recreational park, fit with playgrounds, baseball fields, walking trails, and more. What makes it special, though, is its Stone Water Tower–a 102 feet high tower constructed in the late 1800s! This tower, which stands in the middle of the park, has an ornate plaque remembering the 6th Infantry Regiment and real cannons from the 18th century. While visiting Fort Thomas, Kentucky, make sure to check for local events–you might even be able to see a free concert!

Check out their website to see what this park has to offer!

City of Fort Thomas Museum 940 Cochran Ave #2314, Fort Thomas

The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum is conveniently located within Tower Park. This museum will take you through time–with artifacts spanning across 150 years! Not only does this museum focus on the rich military history of Fort Thomas, but it showcases how the town grew from a rural, agricultural community to what it is now.

Be sure to check out their website to arrange a tour!

The Village Players of Ft Thomas 8 N Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas

Roll of tickets
Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay

With amazing shows playing year-round, you don’t want to miss a performance by The Village Players of Ft Thomas, the vibrant community theater in town! Not only are their plays unique, but the building they are located in is too! Their current theater has been run since the 1960’s, and the Village Players, as of Fall 2022, have plans to rebuild themselves as the Fort Thomas Cultural Arts Center!

Check out their current plays for the season on their website and read about the exciting expansion and renovation here!

Unique Eats

Grassroots & Vine 1011 S Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas

If you’re looking for farm-fresh food, Grassroots & Vine is the place to be! With gourmet treats, it’s a great place for an impromptu date night filled with great food and specialty wine.

You can read all about their farm-to-table practices here and see what they have to offer!

Kampuchea Kitchen 1045 S Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas

If you’ve ever wanted to try authentic Cambodian cuisine, try Kampuchea Kitchen while visiting Fort Thomas, Kentucky! Founded in January 2020, it is one of the only places in the tri-state area to experience such food. Plus, with a relaxing atmosphere, you won’t want to miss it!

Check out Kampuchea Kitchen on Facebook and click here to read a mouthwatering review!

Across the Ohio River

Blue and orange bird looking left.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

California Woods Nature Preserve 5400 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati

From gorgeous sycamores and butterfly gardens, California Woods Nature Preserve is a can’t miss spot for nature lovers. This nature preserve offers miles of trails and over 50 tree species, as well as numerous other plants and animals. It even is adjacent to a designated Important Bird Area!

If you want to learn more about this breathtaking sight, check out their website!


Pirates Cove Tropical Bar & Grill 4609 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati

With live music and entertainment, Pirates Cove Tropical Bar & Grill will make you feel like you’re in Key West on vacation! Just 10 minutes away, this charming dinner locale is perfect for adults and kids alike, so don’t miss it when visiting Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Check out their website, which includes their Key West themed menu. Yum!

Bridge spanning the Ohio river
Photo by Kelly on Pexels

There is a lot to see when visiting Fort Thomas, Kentucky! From its rich military history to its recreation and restaurants, you are in for a treat. While you’re down there, be sure to look at all of the historical buildings turned into recreation centers, such as the old armory and mess hall! It truly is amazing how history can shape a town, and how these historical remains are still here today. 

Are you going to be in/around Cincinnati? Check out some of these listings:

Wanting to explore more of the Ohio River Region of the LCNHT? Click here for some highlights!

A Perfect Day in Cincinnati: Top 10 Spots to Visit

The United States of America has some of the most diverse, engrossing, and spectacular cities within the world. Many of these cities are known throughout the world, being some of the reasons why numerous tourists visit America. New York City has extravagant sights, rich history, and diverse community. Boston contains a deep history, sports teams, and recognizable accent.  New Orleans presents enticing food, Mardi Gras parades, and classical music. All of these cities are revered for they’re respected cultures and communities, enthralling tourists with skyscrapers, national monuments, and iconic landmarks. A perfect day can be achieved in anyone of these cities.

However, we are going to highlight a different city. One that not only has fantastic sights, delicious foods, and awesome landscapes, but this particular city sits on one of the most famous rivers within America. This is known as Cincinnati, the Queen of the West. While not one of the more well known cities within America for tourists, Cincinnati holds many wonders that rival New York City, Washington DC, and Boston. Cincinnati contains several amazing locations and spots to visit. Today, we will explore these locations, reveal that Cincinnati is a unique experience for tourists of all kinds, and show the ten spots to visit in this amazing city. It’s a perfect day in Cincinnati! Let’s go!

Cincinnati Near the Ohio River
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Overview of Cincinnati

Founded in 1788, Cincinnati was the first major city built after the Revolution. It is considered by many as the “first America City,” since it was founded and built after America cut ties with the British Empire. The city has several nicknames. Such as Cincy, The ‘Nati, The Queen of the West, The Blue Chip city, and the City of Seven Hills. Since Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River, right across from Northern Kentucky, the nickname (The Queen City) was proclaimed by its citizens in 1820. Due to its location, Cincinnati is south of Route 70 and north of Route 64, making it a detour destination for any sight-seeing tourists. Lastly, Cincinnati is homed to several professional sports teams that bring it further notoriety. The teams being the Cincinnati Bengals, Reds, and Cyclones (Baseball, American Football, and Hockey).

Why it’s a Perfect Day in Cincinnati and Ten Spots to Visit

It’s a perfect day in Cincinnati! There are numerous locations, spots, and places that make Cincinnati an awesome area for exploration. Whether you are a lover of sports, food, history, nature, clothing, music, or animals, Cincinnati can meet all your needs. The Nation Park Service promotes Cincinnati for not only its geographical placement upon the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (LCNHT), but for the various communities, businesses, and people who are set up on the trail. Whether you are planning a journey that takes you through the LCNHT or if you are simply planning a trip to Cincinnati, this list of ten spots for a perfect day can help you determine potential visiting locations. Without further ado, here are ten spots that make a perfect day while in Cincinnati.

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1: Seasongood Pavilion at Eden Park

Cincinnati is home to several city parks with many breathtaking sights. Eden Park is perhaps the most popular city park within Cincinnati. With numerous walkways, monuments, overlooks, buildings and lakes. One such site is the Seasongood Pavilion, a public setting that is in the south region of Eden Park. Nestled near the Elsinore Arch and Cincinnati Art Museum. The Seasongood Pavilion is used for music, social events, and photo galleries, as it is not only an amazing building, but it is extremely easy to access. If you are looking for an amazing place to take a photo, listen to some music, or participate in a social event, Seasongood Pavilion at Eden Park is the spot for you.

2: Pendleton Art Center

For any art lovers who wish to either tour a gallery or perhaps those interested in taking a class, the Pendleton Art Center is the spot for you. The Pendleton Art Center has a variety of activities, ranging from viewing various artists and their works, to taking classes at the center or participating in one of their numerous public events. The Art Center’s store contains a diverse array of art on display, which can be purchased or viewed virtually to better understand the events, along with what genre of art is being shown. The Pendle Art Center is a good place to visit for any passing tourist for either a quick browse or for those interested in the field of art. It brings out the variety to a perfect day in Cincinnati.

3: Taft Theatre

The Taft Theatre is one of numerous historic buildings within Cincinnati. An interesting fact about the theatre, it’s named after Charles Phelps Taft, the older brother of President William Howard Taft. Built in 1928 by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the theatre holds up to 2,500 people. It is not only a historical site, with a rugged 1920s appeal, but the preservation of the interior is like taking a step through time. The Taft Theatre is also home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This location is a must stop while in Cincinnati, as it is used for Broadway shows, concerts, comedies and other various special events that are open to the public. If you love the theater, the lights, and music, make your way down to the Taft Theatre.

4: William Howard Taft National Historic Site

The William Howard Taft National Historic Site is the restored, childhood house of President William Howard Taft. Several social events occurred here throughout history. One such event had James A. Garfield as a guest (before he became President). The historic site is divided into two sections, with the first building being the original house fully restored. The house has two levels, with the second floor holding exhibits of President Taft’s accomplishments. The second building operates as the National Historic Site’s Visitor Center, officially known as the Taft Education Center. This location is perfect for any lovers of history and tourists who wish to see a fully restored historic house.

5: The Eagle

Good food is the main-event for a perfect day. The sights, social events, and activities are the appetizers. Food can make an average day into a great day, or a good day into a perfect day. The Eagle is a house-brined restaurant, with various locations in major cities across the midwest. There is nothing more satisfying then after a long walk across a park or car trip through the city, then a nice, hot greasy meal. The Eagle serves sandwiches, salads, soups, sides, snacks, and unique cocktails that are worth a visit. Moreover, the Eagle has a very humbling and welcoming appeal to it. For anyone who is a beer lover, food lover, or is a hungry visitor to Cincinnati, the Eagle is a must see restaurant. You cannot have a perfect day in Cincinnati without food.

6: Old St. Mary’s Church

For anyone looking for a beautiful site to visit in Cincinnati, you’ll find no better spot than Old St. Mary’s Church. Built in 1840 by German immigrants, Old St. Mary’s Church is the oldest standing church in Cincinnati. Its Greek Revival Style is solemn and revering as it looms over the citizens of Cincinnati. Fun fact about the church, since 2017, it is the current home of the Cincinnati Oratory, which is a society of priests and brothers of The Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. With a rich history and amazing view from within, Old St. Mary’s Church is like looking at a pillar worn by time, yet still preserved as if unaffected by it. Considered a landmark within Cincinnati, Old St. Mary’s sits within the historic neighborhood, Over-The-Rhine. Even if you are not religious, the church is a spectacular work of construction. It is a solemn stop for a perfect day in Cincinnati.

Old St. Mary's Church
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7: Washington Park

While not the biggest city park within Cincinnati, Washington Park is one of the better known city parks with the iconic Cincinnati Music Hall standing in front of the park. It is a large, open park with numerous trees. There are several American Civil War cannons near the park, along with the busts of Civil Wars heroes Frederick Hecker and Colonel Robert Latimor McCook, who commanded the German 9th Ohio Infantry. The park is used for social events and is a general place to relax. Perfect days are for moments of relaxation. Washington Park provides a stress free zone with a wondrous atmosphere.

A Perfect day in Cincinnati in Washington Park
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8: Boba Cha

A perfect day requires variety and what better way than visiting Boba Cha, a bubble tea store. For those who do not know, bubble tea is a tea-based beverage that originated in Taiwan. Bubble tea is a drink that is mixed with tea and milk or fruit with chewy tapioca pearls. Boba Cha also sells smoothies and slushies. It is the perfect place to get a nice, cool drink for a perfect day.

9: Castle of Air

Parks and gardens are famous within Cincinnati. Right on the edge of the Ohio River, in the Berry International Friendship Park, lies the Castle of Air. A pavilion placed in a public garden fashioned from four walls with an arched façade of polished steel and a system of mirrors. The architect, Peter Haimerl, named the pavilion the Castle of Air based on the European hunting lodge and summer place of the 18th century, similar to Pagodenburg and Amalienburg from the castle park of Nymphenburg. It is a perfect place for a picture or photo with friends and family.

10: Mirror Lake at Eden Park

Making our way back to Eden Park to cap off a perfect day, one should visit the illustrious Mirror Lake, which is one of the main attractions of the park. The biggest lake in a city park within Cincinnati deserves a visit to conclude the day. Or, you may wish to visit this place first and take a walk around the lake, as it is vast. There are plenty of perfect spots for a photo here and there.

And those are 10 spots that you should visit on a perfect day in Cincinnati. When the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail leads you to Cincinnati, give these places a visit and send pictures of your visit. Don’t forget to follow us while you’re in Cincinnati!

If you wish to learn more about the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, visit our website!

To learn more about the five regions of the trail, visit here!

Please visit here for information on getting involved with the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.

Ultimate Guide for Visiting Harpers Ferry WV: Hiking, Dining, and Civil War History


Looking for a small town with a big history? Add visiting Harpers Ferry to your bucket list. Located in Jefferson County WV, right on the point where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet, this town is full of things to do. While visiting Harpers Ferry, you can spend your time dining, shopping, and hiking, all while learning about the area’s rich Civil War history. 

View of Harpers Ferry in the fall
Harpers Ferry Photographed by Kaley Christman

Hiking Trails in Harpers Ferry 

There are many hikes stemming from the town, ranging from the Appalachian Trail to hikes with a view above historic Harpers Ferry. There is a trail for everyone, ranging from easy to strenuous, so be sure to plan a hike for while you’re visiting Harpers Ferry! The trails below are open during daylight hours, and are closed from sunset to sunrise. 

Hikes With a View

1. Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights trail features an overlook of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and the town of Harpers Ferry. The hike is considered moderate to Strenuous, and stretches 4.5 – 6.5 miles (7.2 – 10.5 km) round trip. The hike takes approximately 3-4 hours round trip, but the view from the overlook is worth every minute. 

2. Loudon Heights

Loudon Heights is the most difficult hike on this list. It is considered to be strenuous, and is a 7.5 mile (12.1 km) round trip. The hike takes between 4-5 hours to complete, but offers views of the town of Harpers Ferry, both the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and valleys, and rock formations. This hike is special because it is the only view to the east into Pleasant Valley.

View of Harpers Ferry from above
View of Harpers Ferry from Maryland Heights, Photo from Pixabay 

3. Sections of the Appalachian Trail

About 4 miles of the Appalachian Trail runs through West Virginia, and approximately 3 of those miles run through Harpers Ferry. This hike is a moderate 1-2 hour round trip that has the opportunity for additional side trails. Through this stretch of the Appalachian trail, you can see Jefferson Rock, Harper Cemetery, Lockwood House, and views of both the rivers. Be sure to check out the Harpers Ferry Appalachian Trail visitor center!


Less Challenging Hikes

1. Virginius Island and Hall’s Island trails

Virginius Island and Hall’s Island trails provide a fairly easy hike that is approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) round trip, and takes about an hour to complete. The trails take you through riparian forest, and allow you to see the ruins from old mills and waterworks. Additionally, the trails take hikers past the site of John Hall’s Rifle Works, and offer views of the Shenandoah river.

2. Bolivar Heights Trail

Bolivar Heights trail  is a short hike featuring an overlook of the Shenandoah valley and the Blue Ridge mountains. The short hike is considered to be easy to Moderate, spanning 0.3-2.4 miles (0.4-3.9 km) round trip. The trail includes optional side trails, and takes approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour to complete, and is a great option if you are looking for sights without doing much walking while visiting Harpers Ferry.                     


Local Rustic Dining 

While visiting Harpers Ferry, there are many places to eat after your hike. These range from sit down dining in historic buildings to sandwich and coffee cafes. 

View of Harpers Ferry railroad bridge

Photographed by Bruce Emerling on Pixabay  

Sit Down Dining 

1. The Rabbit Hole

186 High St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Check out The Rabbit Hole while visiting Harpers Ferry for sit down dining ranging from burgers & pulled pork sandwiches to shrimp, loaded fries, and more. Seating options include both indoor and outdoor, with the outdoor seating overlooking the train station and rivers


2. The Anvil

1290 W Washington St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

The Anvil is a historic restaurant known for their signature crab cakes. They also serve meat & seafood courses, as well as sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. The restaurant includes a bar, dining room, and an outdoor garden and patio area. Reservations are recommended. 

Quicker Eats 

1. Cannonball Deli 

125-129 Potomac St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

The Cannonball Deli serves courses such as sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and salads. The deli is known in the area for its friendly staff, and features both indoor and patio seating options. 

2. Battle Grounds bakery & Coffee 

180 High St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Stop by Battle Grounds Bakery & Coffee for sandwiches on fresh baked bread, salads, coffee and more. A great place for local breakfast and lunch options, and be sure to try their fresh house made bread while visiting Harpers Ferry.

Harpers Ferry Civil War History 

Cannons on a field

Photo from Pixabay 

Historic Information

The history of Harpers Ferry begins before the Civil War. Between 1801 and the beginning of the war, Harpers Ferry was home to an armory that manufactured a majority of arms in the United States. This is even the armory that supplied Lewis and Clark’s expedition. Additionally, this was the first place interchangeable parts were used in manufacturing. 

In 1859, the John Brown raid took place. This event is considered to be what sparked the Civil War. John Brown and his army attempted to sieze the armory and free the slaves with the overall goal of ending slavery in the United States. 

The Civil war began on April 12, 1861, and lasted until April 9, 1865. The Battle of Harpers Ferry was fought September 12–15, 1862, as part of the Maryland Campaign of the American Civil War led by General Robert E. Lee. For a full timeline of Civil War events in Harpers Ferry check out: timeline of Harpers Ferry Civil War events, and read on to discover historic places to visit and learn more!

Historic Places to Visit


1. The 1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry Museum 

While visiting Harpers Ferry, there are many historic places to check out. The 1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry Museum is a place to learn more about the 1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry, which was fought September 12-15, 1862 and was a part of General Robert E. Lee’s Maryland Campaign. This museum talks about the battle itself, as well as the factors that led to it and the aftermath caused.  

John Brown's Fort
John Brown’s Fort photographed by Pete Chacalos on Pixabay 

2. John Brown’s Fort

John Brown’s Fort was originally used in 1848 as the Armory’s fire engine and guard house. During the Civil War, the Fort was used as a prison and a supply house. John Brown’s Fort was the only armory to survive the civil war. In 1891, the fort was sold, dismantled and transported to Chicago where it was displayed near The World’s Columbian Exposition. However, this exhibit was not very popular, so it was once again dismantled. In 1894,, a campaign was started to return the fort to Harpers Ferry, led by journalist Kate Field. In 1895, John Brown’s Fort was rebuilt on the Murphy Farm, located about 3 miles from the town of Harpers Ferry. In 1909, on the 50th Anniversary of John Brown’s Raid, the building was purchased and moved to the campus of Storer College located on Camp Hill in Harpers Ferry where it was used as a museum. Finally, in 1960 the fort was acquired by the National Park Service, and in 1968 it was returned to the lower town of Harpers Ferry. The fort currently sits approximately 150 feet east of where it was originally built, due to the fort’s original site being covered with a railroad embankment in 1894. 


We hope this blog provided you with helpful suggestions for ways to enjoy this delightful town. As you can see, Harpers Ferry is full of history and great ways to spend a day: either for a perfect getaway, an insight into US ancestry, or a delicious food-stop. While visiting Harpers Ferry be sure to snap a picture and share it with us on our Instagram. For more information about the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, be sure to check out our website, and read our other blogs for more trip inspiration!  

Top 10 Restaurants and Breweries in Ohio along the LCNHT

Tasty food options while traveling make your adventure that much better. Sometimes you may choose to travel great distances just to return to a particular restaurant or cafe where you had previously enjoyed the food or a finely crafted beer. The State of Ohio in the United States has some excellent local restaurants and breweries that are well-known in their own right and easily accessible to visitors traveling along the LCNHT. It is simple to provide hikers, backpackers, and large tourist groups with a tasty locally crafted beer and a substantial portion of delicious locally made food to accompany their activities. This blog will take you on a tour of the top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio, along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. 

High Tower Brewing Company 

Rayland, Ohio. Location

Beer is unparalleled when it comes to its ability to bring people together. In most cases, this beverage is required while traveling because of its ability to revive one’s energy. When you are headed in the direction of Rayland, Ohio, you should make a point of stopping at High Tower Brewing Company, as it is widely considered to be one of the best breweries in the area. They offer a selection of handcrafted beers, each of which is distinguished by a unique quality. This brewery comes highly recommended along the Ohio portion of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. You can follow High Tower Brewing Company’s official Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates.

top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio

Court Grill 

Pomeroy, Ohio. Location

Since 1933, Court Grill has been providing its customers with delicious and flavorful grilled foods.  This is the ideal spot for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and relax in their own unique ways. There is no point in going to Court Grill only on the weekends because it always feels like the weekend there with all the great musical performances that take place while we eat. We can host personal events and dazzling parties in its decent space and on Thursdays, Court Grill hosts a jazz night with local musicians. This restaurant near the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail in Pomeroy, Ohio, serves delicious food, energizing drinks, and the best-grilled food in town. This will be one of the best top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio. You can get regular updates on what they’re doing by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio

O’Betty’s Red Hot 

Athens, Ohio. Location

If you want to try the best hot dog in Ohio, you should make your way straight to O’Betty’s Red Hot restaurant. Those who prefer the best vegan food can satisfy their cravings at this restaurant, which also serves vegan hot dogs. This is a highly recommended restaurant that serves both high-quality and delectable fare, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. If you are traveling along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, this stop should be one that you make because it comes highly recommended due to the fact that they create what you imagine. If you want to be aware of their menus in advance, follow their Facebook profile.

Fox’s Pizza Den 

Pomeroy, Ohio. Location

Fox’s Pizza Den was established in 1971 and currently has 200 locations across 25 of the 50 states in the United States. They offer many different kinds of pizza, and each one is delicious in its own right. Consuming pizza while taking in the breathtaking panorama of the Ohio river along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is an unforgettable experience for anyone. The restaurant is very accommodating to families with young children, and it also offers the finest selection of cuisine in the Pomeroy area. You can get regular updates by following their Facebook profile.

Larry’s Pizza and subs 

Coolville, Ohio. Location

The best pizza in the Coolville region of Ohio can be found at the highly regarded restaurant Larry’s Pizza and Subs which is among the top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio. They provide a variety of delicious foods in their restaurant and organize all events and games. This restaurant offers the most reasonably priced pizzas in the region. This is one of the most convenient and affordable locations along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. To know more, please visit their Facebook page.

top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio

Little Fish Brewing Company 

Athens, Ohio. Location

Little Fish Brewing Company opened in 2015 with the goal of providing beer made entirely of locally sourced materials. This brewery focuses primarily on its sustainability initiatives, where they provide the best food and beer in the Athens region. It is the best place to spend quality time while enjoying the best food from the surrounding area. It has a lot of open space and is easily accessible when traveling along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail near the Ohio River. They also have an Airbnb, which is ideal for organizing family and college events. For updates, you can follow their social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram

Unicorn Wine Guild  

Belpre, Ohio. Location

Wine is a delicious and traditional beverage in many parts of the world. So, for the best wine in the Belpre, Ohio area, look no further than Unicorn Wine Guild, which offers 52 varieties of wine and some of the best food options on its menu being in the top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio. They offer wine and food pairing events where you can gain gastronomic knowledge about wine and food pairings. So, if you are traveling along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail in the Ohio Region, you should not miss this stop. Follow their Facebook page to know more about their regular updates.

top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio

Old Bridge Brewing Co. 

McConnelsville, Ohio. Location

Old Bridge Brewing Co brewery is the best place in McConnelsville, Ohio for beer, wine, and food. It is among the top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio and serves the best Italian cuisine and some good local dishes. It is a 100-year-old building with a rich heritage that you can feel. This brewery hosts a variety of fun events on a regular basis. Traveling along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and stopping for drinks and food here will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, keep an eye on their social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, for event updates.

top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio

Cadence Vault Gastropub 

East Liverpool, Ohio. Location

Cadence Vault Gastropub is a great spot for a group outing because it has everything we need: drinks, food, and a good time. Wood-fired pizzas and other delectable dishes are available here. Lots of locals come here to socialize over drinks or food and catch up on each other’s lives. An ideal meeting place for travelers along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail to refuel with some of the best food available near East Liverpool, Ohio, and make new friends. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the decor and the food. Check out their social media pages Facebook and Instagram for more information.

River Roasters Coffee Company 

Pomeroy, Ohio. Location

Coffee with a good riverside at River Roasters Coffee Company is the best place in the region surrounding Pomeroy, Ohio to enjoy some delicious cafe eats and some freshly brewed coffee. This coffee shop offers a wide selection of specialty coffees, each of which has its own distinctive flavor profile and aroma. If you are traveling along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail in the Pomeroy’s region, then this must be the mandatory stop for you to have a cup of coffee and some good food that tastes like it was made at home. Travelers typically have a craving for coffee while they are exploring, and if you are one of those travelers, then you should satisfy that craving here. If you want to know more, you should follow them on Facebook, and Instagram and watch their origin story video.

In this article, I hope you have got to know about the top 10 restaurants and breweries in Ohio that are located nearby the Lewis and Clark National Trail. The travelers would have a wonderful experience traveling with the LCNHT and enjoying the best cuisine or handcrafted beverages. Check out the other blogs to learn more about various activities that go on along the LCNHT. Stay up to date on everything about LCNHT by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

10 Breweries in Pittsburgh with Pints Worth the Stop

Are there any good breweries in Pittsburgh?

When you’re traveling on the Lewis and Clark Trail, you probably aren’t expecting to find some good IPAs. However, the trail starts right at a hot-spot for brewing, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has always had a strong brewing culture, with America’s oldest brewer, D.G. Yuengling and Son, operating from Pottsville since 1829. Since then, the craft has only grown in the state, with it having the second-most breweries in the US in 2021. This has led to a wide variety of breweries operating, especially in Pittsburgh. If you’re a connoisseur of the beverage and got a week to burn, these 10 Pittsburgh breweries should be at the top of your list.




  1. Penn Brewery

800 Vinial Street

Map markign the location of pittsburgh breweries

We’ll start our top 10 Pittsburgh breweries list strong with Penn Brewery. Penn Brewery has roots that go back to 1848, when German brewers from the Ober and Eberhardt families migrated to Pittsburgh. Penn Brewery officially started business in 1986, and has only grown since then. The Penn Brewery Complex is on the National Register of Historic Places, where three buildings from the Ober and Eberhardt stand. They added a restaurant in 1989, serving foods such as wurst, pierogi, and a wide variety of Pittsburgh favorites. With a rich quantity of IPAs to drown it down with, it’s no wonder why the business has seen such success. The website to Penn Brewery is here.

  1. East End Brewing Company

147 Julius Street

Map marking the location of pittsburgh breweries

Since 2004, East End Brewing Company has been producing crisp beers,ciders, sodas. In 2021, they would add on to this package by adding a kitchen where they make thick-crusted, Sicilian style pizza. Their flagship beer, “The Big Hop”, is a malty beer that can only be enjoyed in person. A unique project East End began in 2019 that is still ongoing is the “You Are Here” beers. In this project, East End produces a beer for each of the ninety neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. This alone makes East End worthy of your time.

  1. Grist House Craft Brewery

10 E Sherman Street

Map marking the location of pittsburgh breweries

The Grist House is a community project, with the founders drawing assistance from their friends and family to make their dream a reality. That dream has come true, with Grist’s products being sold in retail and winning the award for best barrel aged stout in America in 2018. The brewery is also an official Penn State affiliate, with Lion alumni always coming for their games. Their drink menu is constantly expanding, with new beers, ales, and sours getting made like hot cakes. New customers should go straight for “the Hopadelic”, a fantastic starting beer. This combined with the brewery’s partnership with local food trucks and dog friendly policy makes Grist a great place to have a great time.

    4. Eleventh Hour Brewery 

3711 Charlotte StreetMap marking the location of pittsburgh breweries

Eleventh Hour Brewery is quite the sight, with its exquisite design making it very inviting. The beers are also a big draw, having twenty-four regular options, along with monthly, yearly, and premium choices. The brewery has happy hour specials for those trying to save a dollar, along with a rotation of food trucks serving quality dishes. Another great feature of the pub is its accessibility, having bus and bike access. The brewery is located in the Lawrenceville district, so when you’re done enjoying their beer, make sure to take a nice stroll along the nearby Lawrence Trail.

  1. Dancing Gnome Brewery

1025 Main Street

Map marking the location of pittsburgh breweries

Coming in at 5 in our top 10 Pittsburgh breweries is Dancing Gnome. The Dancing Gnome has its name for a reason, as it has options consisting of wines, IPAs, ales, and more. Starting business in 2016, their operations grew from a plumbing showroom to a space that can hold 35 people. Located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, this brewery offers a welcoming environment alongside an always changing food truck rotation. When you go by there, make sure to oder the name sake “Lustra”!

  1. Allegheny City Brewing

507 Foreland Street

Map marking the location of pittsburgh breweries

The story of how Allegheny City got started is quite an interesting one. Three Pittsburghers named Al, Matt, and Amy, moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the late 2000s. During that time, the trio would get deep into brewing, even making their own personal brews. They moved back to Pittsburgh in 2013 and have been open for business since 2016. They have twelve choices of beers to choose from, with options for any taste. ABC partners with local food trucks so that there is always a place to grab a snack. They also have a beer garden that can seat up to seventy-five people. This, along with a wall covered with an ever expanding picture wall of patron’s dogs, makes Allegheny City Brewing a key stop.

  1. Cinderlands Foederhouse

3705 Butler Street

Map marking the location of pittsburgh breweries

Cinderlands Foederhouse derives its name for the city, being the land of cinder.  The Lawerenceville brewery specializes in producing foederbier while also producing IPAs, lagers, ales, and sours. However, this is not all they offer, as they also serve Pennslyvania spirits, wines, and ciders! Their flagship and most popular beers are the hazy ale known as “Squish” and the “Tracks Again” pilsner. The restaurant in the brewery is a fine dining experience emphasing on Belgian style cuisine and a rustic farmhouse style atmosphere best suited for a cozy night out. The Foederhouse has monthly beer pairing dinners, Foederbier tastings and trivia on Sundays. All these elements combine to make Cinderlands Foederhouse brewery that has to be experienced first hand to fully appreciated. 

  1. Two Frays Brewery

5113 Penn Avenue

Map marking the location of Two Frays Brewery

Two Frays Brewery gets its name from its two owners, Jen and Mike. The couple met over a beer and have used their experience with brewing over the last seven years to launch their business. They would open up their brewery in 2020, with the goal of bringing quality beer to the Steel City. They have a powerful seven-barrel and four-fermenter system that is capable of creating these beer. They have a wealth of options to drink. The brewery offers a rotation of food trucks and often does collaborations with other businesses. The small business is also dog-friendly, is developing plans for tours of the brewery, and even offers service to Korean speakers. If you’re looking for a place that is warm and welcoming, this is the place for you.

  1. Trace Brewing

4312 Main Street

map marking location of Trace BrewingTrace Brewing is a young brewery, opening business during the COVID-19 pandemic. They took the challenge in stride, with business growing daily. Dave Kushner, the owner of Trace and Massachusetts’ Remnant Brewing, moved to Pittsburgh to open the brewery. The building they work out of used to be a brass foundry, giving an unique interior design.The exterior is unique as well, with the outside of the building having a wall where spray painters can paint freely. The staff favorite drink is “the Keller”, a smooth pale lager. The brewery always have something going on, from music, food trucks, weddings, and drag shows. Their tap options are always changing, so freshness is not a problem. They also have a coffee and pastry shop inside. If you’re looking for a youthful and lively spot, Trace is the place to go.

  1. Hitchhiker Brewing-Brewery & Tap Room

1501 South Canal StreetMap marking location of Hitchhiker Brewing-Brewery & Tap Room

Last but not least, one of our top 10 breweries in Pittsburgh is Hitchhiker Brewing. Hitchhiker Brewing is a fifteen-barrel brewhouse that opened in the Sharpsburg district in 2014. Their facilities work out of an old brewery boiler house of Fort Pitt. Their drink options are ridiculous, having a hundred IPAs alone to choose from! For food options, they usually have a rotation of different food trucks that cycle through the week. For seating, they have seating options for those who want to stay indoors or those seeking fresh air. While they have a no dog policy, they do offer happy hour specials,live entertainment, and free parking, so be sure to give this pub a look before you leave Pittsburgh.

pittsburgh breweries

And there you have the top 10 breweries in Pittsburgh, but there’s even more waiting to be discovered. You can find all these places soon on the interactive map on our website. So when the Lewis and Clark Trail eventually leads you to the 412, be sure to give ‘em a shot! Send pics of yourself enjoying some of these brews to our Instagram and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to follow us while you’re there!


Why Visiting Maysville, Kentucky Should Be On Your US Bucket List

When you picture towns on the Ohio River, places like Cincinnati, Louisville, and Evansville probably come to mind. While these big cities have lots of charm of their own, sometimes you need to head to the smaller towns along the river to soak up the true character of the region. Introducing Maysville, Kentucky, an 8,000-person home rule-class city just an hour east of Cincinnati that’s a rich mix of Appalachia, Bluegrass, and good ol’ fashioned American history. Did you know that Maysville lies along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail? Now you do! Read why visiting Maysville, Kentucky should be on your US bucket list!

If you’re ever traveling along the Ohio River, Maysville is a must-stop for lovers of local culture, art, history, the outdoors, and more. Between stunning theaters and historic downtown districts, this unique river town has something for everyone to enjoy and love. Plus, it’s the birthplace of bourbon!

Arts & Theater Maysville, Kentucky

The backbone of Maysville’s vibrant art scene is the historic Washington Opera House, which is an official

Downtown Maysville Historic & Entertainment District - Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Experiencepart of the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places. The opera house has been standing in its current form since 1889, but theater has been a huge part of the town’s culture since at least 1797. It’s been run by the Maysville Players since 1969, and is the fifth oldest theater in the national register that’s still in use today.

Downtown Maysville is populated with plenty of galleries, exhibits, and businesses that harbor a strong art community. When Simon and Laurie Watt, the owners of the downtown EAT Gallery, first visited Maysville, they called it a “gem of Americana” and just had to open up a business. Today, they sell jewelry, minerals, framed butterflies, and more in a historic building in the heart of downtown.

Other places like the Ohio River Valley Artists’ Guild, the Christie Toffan Boutique, and the Log Cabin Print Shop headline the city’s many art hubs.

Another must-see part of Maysville is the 10 murals on the town’s floodwall, aptly dubbed the Floodwall Mural Project. Artist Robert Dafford painted a series of murals between 1998 and 2008 that highlight the history and beauty of the area.

Museums & History In Maysville, Kentucky

The Kentucky Gateway Museum Center is one of the main historic attractions in downtown Maysville, and is located just two blocks from the river. It features more than 4,000 artifacts, a fine art gallery, and plenty of exciting rotation exhibits. One of the most popular galleries is the Old Pogue Experience, which takes visitors through the history of bourbon in Mason County, Kentucky, and offers bourbon samples. The Old Pogue Distillery, located right near the birthplace of bourbon whiskey itself, dates back to the 1870s and was just the third distillery registered in the commonwealth.

Another keystone of Maysville’s history is its role in the underground railroad. Since Maysville was located just a short trip across the river away from the free state of Ohio, it played an integral role in supporting slaves on their journey up north. Harriet Beecher Stowe even recounted a slave auction in Washington, which is now a historic neighborhood of Maysville, in her abolitionist novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Today, Maysville is home to the National Underground Railroad Museum, which is located in the historic Bierbower family home. The Bierbowers aided fugitive slaves, and their sons were even officers in the Union Army.

You’ll also be able to find two historic districts in Maysville that display that area’s rich culture and heritage. The Maysville Downtown Historic District was added to the National Register in 1982 and 

Old Washington Historic District in maysville kentucky - Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Experience

originally included 155 buildings, 87% of which were constructed prior to 1930, in the west part of town. The district expanded in 2017 and features gorgeous brick facades, parks, shops, and more.

Old Washington Historic District, which was annexed by Maysville, commemorates one of the first settlements in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The town was originally incorporated in 1786 and named after George Washington. It had 462 inhabitants in 1790, making it slightly smaller than its big brother in the District of Columbia. Historic Old Washington is a must-visit if you’re in Maysville. Today, the quaint village features shops, festivals, museums, and more. It’s seeping with history and has buildings in the National Register at every turn.

Maysville was also visited by Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery in September 1803.

Food & Restaurants In Maysville, Kentucky 

Local food can truly make or break a trip, but luckily Maysville is chock-full of great options. One of the town’s hidden gems is M’s Eatery, which has a rotating menu and plenty of Kentucky hospitality to make you feel right at home. If you’re looking for something with views of the Ohio River, Caproni’s On The River is a great option and has been in business since the 1930s.

If you want something sweet, a cool pick is The College Bakery, which serves savory treats, baked goods, and coffee all hand-crafted by culinary students. Cafe Cream will fully satisfy your sweet tooth with its ice cream and even has coffee flights.

Take a walk down Maysville’s picturesque streets, and you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy.

Beer & Bourbon In Maysville, Kentucky

After a long day of exploring all Maysville has to offer, you’ll probably want to stop for an ~adult~ beverage. Luckily, this Kentucky town has plenty of breweries, distilleries, pubs, and venues to keep you occupied. It is the birthplace of bourbon, after all!

The Old Pogue Distillery while visiting Maysville, Kentucky

If you want to taste an original Kentucky bourbon recipe from one of the first-ever bourbon distilleries, Old Pogue is a must-see and must-sip. It’s been family-owned and operated since its inception in 1876. You can taste bourbon from all across the Commonwealth at Kenton Stories With Spirit, a classy spot to hang out in Maysville.

If you just want a spot where you can stop in and grab a pint, O’Rourke’s Pub and Crowe Bar offer great options in downtown Maysville, while Tater’s Tavern is a cool spot with custom cocktails in Old Washington.

Outdoor Recreation In Maysville, Kentucky

Maysville is easy on the eyes and ripe for outdoor recreation thanks to its location within the rolling hills of northern Kentucky’s Outer Bluegrass region. A landmark of Maysville’s natural beauty is the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge, which connects the town to its Ohio counterpart, Aberdeen. This 1,060-foot bridge was built in 1931 and is one of the last suspension bridges along the Ohio River that’s still standing today.Downtown Maysville Historic & Entertainment District - Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Experience

The Maysville River Park Marina and Campground offers camping, picnic areas, boating, and more to soak in the Ohio River’s beauty right on its southern bank. There are 43 campsites available here, along with room for primitive camping.

The nearby Cummins Nature Preserve is just a few minutes outside of downtown Maysville and is home to 110 acres of hiking, wildlife observation, and nature education. If you want to stay the night, a few primitive camping sites are available at this preserve as well.

If golf is your thing, Maysville is home to Kenton Station, Laurel Oaks, and Wells Creek golf courses, as well as the historic Maysville Country Club, which was established in 1925.

Maysville’s beautiful landscape makes it a great place to bike, walk, or run, too. Nearly every spring, the Limestone Cycle League and Maysville Rotary Club put on the Limestone Cycling Tour. This scenic biking event features century, metric century, 40-mile, and 20-mile routes for cyclists of all skill levels. Different 5k and 10k running events pop up year-round as well. The Ford Acres Filthy 5k is next up in September.

Exciting Events & Festivals

Maysville has an exciting and wide-ranging calendar of events to keep things fresh every month of the year. You already know about the rotating exhibits at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, but different shows, festivals, fairs, and concerts visit this part of the Commonwealth all the time.

Just in June 2022 alone, you can catch the Maysville Uncorked Wine Festival, the Downtown Summer Sounds Concert, and Pickers & Grinners Summer Market. There’s a farmer’s market in Old Washington every Saturday year-round and from June through October 8th in downtown Maysville.

Like reading about what to do while visiting Maysville, Kentucky? Visit us at to learn about other incredible destinations across the United States!