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During Lewis and Clark’s 1803-1806 expedition to the west, the Corps of Discovery traveled on and along thousands of miles of river water, from the Ohio River all the way to the Columbia River out west.

Floating these rivers were an essential mode for transportation for the sojourners, as they could pack their canoes full of gear and food for their long journeys ahead. Today these rivers still remain a critical part in the everyday lives of those who live along them. We often fail to remember to connect past and present and how significant cultural and natural resources are.

Below, travelers along The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail will find sites and attractions along the Clark Fork River to celebrate the 1803-1806 expedition of Lewis and Clark through the water.

1. River City Brew Rafting Tours

Guided trips everyday of the week. Options of an afternoon and evening float up to 18 passengers on two boats. All of the trips are on a scenic, flatwater section of the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers. Every trip includes three pints of beer or cider per person from your chosen pick-up location, insulated steel growlers, and pint glasses, so you don’t have to plan anything.
Drinks, snacks, and transportation all planned out, makes the evening worry free!

2. Caras Park

Located in the heart of downtown Missoula sits the Carousel of Missoula and Caras Park. This area is home to farmer’s markets, festivals, and live music.

3. Brennan’s Wave

Located in the heart of downtown Missoula boarding Caras Park. Brennan’s Wave is a man-made wave that surfers and kayaker’s come to surf. A wooden deck is built right over the Wave to give spectators the perfect spot to watch surfers and kayakers practice their skills on the Clark Fork.

4. Goldsmith’s Bed & Breakfast

This historic brick home rests on the Clark Fork River banks, along the historic route traveled by Meriweather Lewis and William Clark during their quest across the American wilderness over two centuries past. Before this historic building was a bed and breakfast, it served many purposes to the University of Montana. It was first built in 1911 as the University of Montana president’s house and then became a fraternity, a lab, office space, and many other purposes throughout the years.
The outside and front porch of Goldsmith's B&B. – Jordan Goldsmith

5. The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop

The Blackfoot River and Clark Fork River are best fished from a boat, as they offer some tricky wading. Missoula Fly Fishing guides will get you fish, floating or walking, and then enhance your skillset with their years of experience.

6. Missoula On The Fly

Missoula On the Fly offers a one-of-a-kind Missoulian fly fishing experience on the Clark Fork, Missouri, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot Rivers.

7. Blackfoot River Outfitters

Guided fish fly trips on the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and Missouri Rivers. Fly fishing guided trips come with transportation, rods, reels, flies, lunch, snacks, beverages, and instruction for all levels.
Blackfoot River, courtesy

8. Clark Fork River Market

Clark Fork River Market is located at the heart of Missoula. Here you will find live music, breakfast/lunch food trucks, coffee and tea ventures, and locally produced fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, freshly baked bread, pastries, honey, jam, flowers, and so much more.