Partner Community Program

Sioux City Lewis and Clark Visitor Center – Connie Jones

About the Program

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail runs through eleven states and crosses hundreds of communities, large and small. Cities, towns, counties and tribal communities along the length of the trail are invited to participate in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Community Program.

The program is designed to assist communities with economic development through tourism while engaging residents to see the Trail as a resource and an asset.

The goals of the program include:

  • Educate residents in target communities about the Trail;
  • Build community-based constituencies of people who feel connected to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail;
  • Engage active participation in sharing the sites, attractions, heritage, and stories that make the region unique (through nominations to the Geotourism website);
  • Improve destination marketing and tourism promotion for participating communities;
  • Encourage communities to develop their own projects that support the objectives of the Geotourism program, such as volunteer events, festivals, and other events.

Participating communities will get official designation as a LCNHT community, based on established criteria, that will include promotion through the LCNHT Geotourism Program and other benefits.

Community Benefits

The program is designed to create the following benefits for participating communities:

Improved Destination Marketing:

  • Promotion on this website and other Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail communications channels;
  • Recognition as LCNHT Community through digital badge for community destination website and other online channels, and signage for display in-destination;
  • Press release distributed in conjunction with Geotourism program.

Increased Community Engagement:

  • Opportunities for residents to share stories about their place through this website;
  • Resources for organizing community events around Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and related themes;
  • Increased sense of place and cultural sustainability;
  • Improved stewardship of the Trail;
  • Enhanced partnership with National Park Service and other Geotourism Program supporters;
  • Connection to other LCNHT Communities.

Criteria for Participation

The Lewis and Clark Trail Community Partnership Program is available for any city, town, county, regional destination marketing organization, or tribal community that meets all three of the following criteria:

1. Community is situated near official route of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.

The trail centerline is available here. The community does not need to be immediately adjacent to the trail but should be within a reasonable distance for consideration.

2. Community support is evidenced by resolution or support from official local entity such as local government, Chamber of Commerce, or CVB and designation of an official contact individual.

At least one official, authorized entity that can reasonably speak for the community as a whole must officially approve becoming a Lewis and Clark NHT Community and appoint a designated individual to serve as the official point of contact for both the Sustainable Tourism Project and members of the public interested in experiencing communities along the Trail.

3. Community values and showcases its connection to Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail 

Each community may satisfy this requirement differently. Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • annual festival, event, or service project associated with Trail;
  • public maintenance of monument, plaque, statue, or signage associated with Trail;
  • inclusion of the Trail in community marketing materials like website or brochure;
  • Trail is represented at tourist information center or visitor center.

Get Started

If you meet the criteria described above, you are invited to become a Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Community Partner.

To get started, complete the form below. Applications are reviewed as they are received. If you have any questions or for more information about the program, you can contact the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Geotourism Program by email at

  • Is your community situated in close proximity to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail or a site closely associated with the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
  • Has your community demonstrated support for the Program by nominating an Advisor Committee? Briefly describe the Committee's structure and list each member, along with their contact information.
  • Briefly describe how your community values, celebrates, or showcases its connection to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. If applicable, provide links to relevant websites or attach supporting documents or images by clicking "Choose File" below.
  • Or name of main point of contact for community application
  • Or contact information for main point of contact for community application
  • Any additional considerations that should be taken into account when assessing your community's application (not required)