Zimmerman Park

Find yourself in Billings, Montana along the trail and want experience a nice walk in a park? Zimmerman park, just located on the outer of of downtown Billings, is the perfect place to rest and take a walk (or bike) down its many trails. This is a scenic, natural park area with numerous dirt trails overlooking the City along the face of the Rims. There is also a short hard surface trail that directs visitors to a historic, informational kiosk if you are still in for a historic mood.

This trail is used for cross country skiing, mountain biking, running, camping, and has beautiful views that overlook the city and the face of the Rims. The area can be ridden as a short 20 to 30-minute loop, or can be ridden for a few hours with many natural features to play on.

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Michael Whitaker
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Billings, Montana 59106, United States

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