Umatilla County Fair

To the pioneers of the 19th century, Oregon was a land of hope and prosperity. Many people risked their lives crossing the country for a chance to live in this beautiful state.

One of Oregon’s local traditions is the Umatilla County Fair, an annual celebration held since 1912. Visitors will experience an event that has brought joy to locals for over a century and experience the area’s charm in a unique way. You may even be able to see a rodeo in one of the most sought after parts of the Wild West!

The county fair is a bit different every year, but visitors can always count on having a good time! There are farm animal exhibitions and rodeos, both of which are integral parts of any county fair. Visitors will also have an opportunity to see the interesting crafts and foods that local vendors have offered for decades. County fairs have been a place where local craftsmen congregated for many years, after all.

Guests at the Umatilla County Fair will see a wonderful slice of life in Umatilla County.

Contact Information

Umatilla County Fair Office
Reservations and Information:

1705 E Airport Rd, Hermiston, Oregon 97838, United States

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Other Information

  • Hours Open

    Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 12:00 pm 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Seasons Open

    First full week of August
  • Prices and Fees

    General Admission: $10 / Seniors: $8 / Children 10 and under: Free
  • Locally or Family Owned Notes

    This is a great place to find local farmers and locally owned businesses!