Turner Farms 406

Turner Farms was built from the ground up by a family. When the children wanted bunk beds, the parents told them they had to contribute to their funds. After setting up a little stand for extra produce grown that year, it soon became clear to the Turner family that this was something they wanted to grow. They have seasonal activities available, like their pumpkin patch, as well as their self-serve farm stand. Most interesting though may be their farm tours! Tours can be given anywhere from bigger groups, such as schools to individual families. When they are all booked for tours, they still encourage anyone who is interested to come out and explore the farm on their own! Turner Farms has a great atmosphere for the younger generation who may be interested in learning more about what farm life looks like or how we all benefit from their hard work!

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606 Stallion Lane, Missoula, Montana 59804, United States

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    This farm is family owned and operated by the Turner Family!