The Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural, & Educational Center

This park encompasses a beautiful 71- acres that are constantly in use for special cultural and community events. The park is located near the Salmon and Lemhi River Country, where Sacajawea spent time. Their primary mission is to educate visitors about the tribe that was on the land, The Agai’dika Shoshone-Bannock Tribe. Additionally, they work to raise awareness around environmental issues and educate about the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

The park has an abundant garden that can be rented on a plot basis if you are interested in gardening. This could be a fantastic activity to do as a family, to educate children about the importance of eating healthy and supporting local businesses! The center actually has an after-school program with kids to get them actively involved in gardening.

The interpretive center focuses on the history of Sacajawea, with multiple artifacts seen inside. Additionally, there are items to buy in the center. The park is available to rent for special events if you wanted to rent it along with your travel of the Lewis and Clark travel for a gathering. Some examples of how the property has been used include weddings, tribal gatherings, fall pumpkin patches, and many more. Tribal gatherings are a common usage of the center, a great interactive way to learn more about the native tribes to the area.

If this park sounds like something that may be of interest to you or a loved one, make sure to add a stop on your travels through the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Experience.

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