The Moonshine Company

A hundred years ago, prohibition was in full force. Alcohol for recreational purposes was banned, so it had to be brewed secretly for people to obtain it. The alcohol was generally served in speakeasies, underground bars that were often connected with gangsters. Speakeasies are a symbol of the glamour of the 1920s, and people generally think of moonshine when they think of alcohol served at these establishments. Moonshine is a very strong alcohol that was worth a fortune in the 1920s. Bootleggers would secretly brew it and sneak it to the local speakeasy.  Moonshine is still a popular liquor today, but now it’s brewed by reputable establishments like The Moonshine Company.

The Moonshine Company, naturally, brews moonshine. There’s plain moonshine, as well as moonshine with flavors such as peach. It’s locally very well known for the high quality of its moonshine. However, this isn’t just any other brewery. It’s run by a family that has brewed moonshine for a century and your hosts will be very knowledgeable about history. You will hear interesting anecdotes from the lives of historical locals and even see equipment that was used to brew moonshine back in the day. While it has modern, state of the art brewing equipment, visitors will be pleased by the old timey feel of the company and feel like they were travelling back a hundred years.

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Call (270) 415-5368 for more information.
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(270) 415-5368

407 Jefferson Street, Paducah, Kentucky 42001, United States

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    Open from 10 am to 8 pm.
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    All year
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    The family has been brewing for generations!