The Maxwell Siding Railroad Museum

Railroads were the lifeblood of the Industrial Revolution. The Maxwell Siding Railroad Museum pays homage to these symbols of modernization in truly interesting ways. It is, after all, run by two people, Connie Maret and John Spinden, who spent decades working in the railroad industry.

There is a vast collection of exhibits to explore railroad memorabilia, including rails, rotary snow plows, and historical advertisements. Visitors can even visit a preserved telegraph office to see the communication system that made the railroads possible.

Despite all the great memorabilia, the most well known attractions in The Maxwell Siding Railroad Museum are probably the train cars. There is a 1913 George Pullman dining car, a 1912 passenger coach, and over six motorcars. Visitors can travel to over a century ago by visiting these cars.

Contact Information

The Maxwell Siding Railroad Museum
Reservations and Information:
(541) 567-8532

201 W Highland Ave, Hermiston, Oregon 97838, United States

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Other Information

  • Hours Open

    The museum is open every Saturday from 10am to 3pm.
  • Prices and Fees

    Admission is free, but donations are appreciated
  • Locally or Family Owned Notes

    The owners are both locals who spent decades working with a railroad company, so they're experts!