The Floyd Monument

The Floyd Monument was recognized as the First National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior in 1960. The monument is 100 feet high, nine feet square at the base and six feet square at the top. It is capped with aluminum connected to copper grounding wires to protect it from lightning strikes. There is an inner concrete core, which is four and one-half feet square at the base and three feet square at the top. Sergeant Charles Floyd, the only casualty of the Lewis and Clark expedition, is buried in this monument. His bones, that were recovered after multiple unearthing’s by the shifting Missouri River, were placed in urns and then placed in the concrete core. The stone is Kettle River sandstone and the design was by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The total amount of money spent from all sources for the construction of the monument was $12,600.

Each August, on the weekend closest to the anniversary of Floyd’s death, August 20, 1804, a re-enactment of his burial is done at the monument. Re-enactors in full-dress uniforms, from the Discovery Corps and local Sergeant Floyd Honor Guard, re-create the burial. They are also on the grounds of the Sergeant Floyd River Museum & Welcome Center the whole weekend with authentic tents, camp equipment, uniforms and firearms like those used during the Lewis & Clark Expedition. There are children’s activities and both events are free and open to the public.


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Chris Dekker
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Sergeant Floyd Monument, S. Lewis Blvd., Sioux City, Iowa 51106, United States

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    8am to 8pm daily
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    Open year round
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    Free admission
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    Sidewalks to the monument from a parking lot.
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    Maintained by the City Parks and Streets Department.