Taft Theatre

The Taft Theatre, a location of history, performance, music, theater, and drama. Named after the older brother of President William Howard Taft, Charles Phelps Taft, the theatre is an important building for the community of Cincinnati. Constructed in 1928 by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Taft Theatre’s capacity can hold up to 2,500 individuals. It is not only a historic place, but its rugged and flashy 192os style, allows it to stand out against the neighboring buildings on East 5th Street. it is not something a person would see everyday. Besides holding concerts, plays, standups, tours,  and other spectacular events and performances, the Taft Theatre is home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. For those wishing to catch a stellar performance of comedy, entrancing night of music, or maybe even a arcane production of a classical play, go and visit the Taft Theatre. One cannot have a perfect day in Cincinnati without a perfect night.

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(513) 232-6220

317 East Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, United States

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    Venues and Events: https://www.livenation.com/venue/KovZpa39ie/taft-theatre-events https://tafttheatre.org/events