Skyline Chili

One does not simply go to the Chili Capital of the United States without getting chili. Cincinnati is synonymous with chili. Spaghetti topped with the perfect blend of beef, chili powder, cumin, allspice, and cinnamon coalesce perfectly to form Cincinnati’s namesake and omnipresent food. Cincinnati Chili is nothing like other styles of Chili. Compared to Texas Style, it is lighter, sweeter, more flavorful, and at least in our opinion, just better.

Skyline is great because you can eat and be out in thirty minutes or spend an hour or more there conversing and ordering seconds. Most Cincinnatians know what they’ll order when they enter a Skyline so the menu is essentially obsolete. That being said, Skyline has a menu with different Greek chicken wraps, salads, chili spaghetti dishes, chili burritos, coneys, and more.

One of the many Skyline Chilis in Ohio (we recommend checking out the map on the website to see if there’s one close to your destination), the chain has become ubiquitous with Ohio chili. With signature chili served with noodles and and mound of shredded cheese or their classic coneys (also served with chili and a mound of shredded cheese) a trip to Skyline is a classic checklist for anyone passing through Ohio.

With locations all across the tri-state area, you’ll never be too far from a Skyline location.

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Skyline Chili
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(513) 221-2142

290 Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220, United States

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