Schimpff’s Confectionary

Schimpff’s Confectionary is a shop that has stood the test of time. Open and family run since 1891, Schimpff’s Confectionary is located in the historic downtown of Jeffersonville Indiana. The store comes with the charm that you would expect from one of the longest running confectionaries in the United States. The interior of the confectionary has the original tin ceiling, turn-of-the-century equipment, glass candy jars, cases, and a 50’s era soda fountain.

Schimpff’s offers not only candy but an experience, with a glimpse into the beginning of the shop with homemade candy demonstrations and candy museum that holds countless candy memorabilia. The shop has a museum tour that is free (call ahead to schedule group tours). There is also lunch offered Monday through Saturday.

Some of Schimpff’s most notable candies are Red Hots, hard candy fish, and Modjeskas, which are confections of marshmallow dipped in caramel, and turtle candies of pecan caramels topped with chocolate. While pecan turtles are seen in many confectionaries in the U.S, the other candies are special to Schimpff’s, as Red Hots have been a staple since the opening of the store in 1891, and the hard fish candies and Modjeskas are “Kentuckiana” recipes and all of these notable candies are homemade.

Schimpff’s has gained much attraction over the years over national media outlets such as The Food Network, and The History Channel’s “Modern Marvels.”

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Schimpff's Confectionary
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374 Spring Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, United States

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    Monday- Saturday: 10 am-5 pm / Sundays: Closed
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    Open Year Round
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    This business has been owned and operated by the Schimpff family since its opening in 1891.