Sainte Genevieve Museum Learning Center

Step into the Sainte Genevieve Museum Learning Center, and you’ll unearth a corner of the world where time flies and distance shrinks. Here, you and your family can go back millions of years in a few short steps as you explore the Hall of Giants, our stunning dinosaur display that includes 7 life size models and dozens of fossils and artifacts. Peer into the Official Missouri State Dinosaur Laboratory to see scientists working to uncover the secrets of the Parrosaurus missouriensis as they prepare the fossil unearthed in fall 2021.

Beyond just dinosaurs, the museum contains hundreds of artifacts from ancient cultures including Vikings and Celts, curio from the mid-19th century, dazzling displays of geologic rarities, and several other gems. It weaves together a tale of how our world got to where it is today, and gives you plenty to dive into along the way.

The museum is open daily from 11am-4pm. The Gift Shop features a wide range of STEM-focused toys.

Admission rates are:

Adult= $10

Student= $5

Senior, Military, First Responder= $8

4 and Under= free.

Contact Information

Abigail Kern
Reservations and Information:

360 Market Street, Sainte Genevieve, Missouri 63670, United States

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Other Information

  • Hours Open

    11am-4pm Daily
  • Seasons Open

  • Prices and Fees

  • Accessibility

    Fully ADA compliant with chair lift, elevator, and ramps.