Rollin’ Down the River – A Coffee Table Book Following the Missouri River from Source to Mouth

During the summer of 2016, Larry Campbell set out from Three Forks, MT, and, for over seven weeks, followed the Missouri River (by car) from its source there, all the way through seven states of the Upper Midwest and Midwest to its majestic confluence with the Mississippi River near St. Louis.  Join Larry as he revisits his magnificent adventure through pictures and stories of the River, its life, its culture, and of course, its connection to Lewis and Clark!  The 160-page book contains over 200 color pictures (taken by Larry), as well as stories and details of sights, sites, itinerary stops, and side adventures along his whole trip.  The material is arranged into four convenient sections  (River itself, Itinerary Stops, Human Treasures, and Lewis/Clark Sites) that can be visited in any order.

Experience the breathtaking scenery that adorns the 2,341-mile path of the River. Visit the historical sites along the River, many of which mark the exploration of Lewis and Clark more than two centuries ago. Visit the various ‘river cities’ – both large and small – along the way, as well as their places of interest.  And finally – meet the fantastic hosts and colorful personalities the author encountered and befriended during what he called “the trip of a lifetime on what is arguably the most unique river in the world!”

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