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Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (LCTHF), Inc. was created to stimulate public appreciation of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s contributions to America’s heritage and to support education, research, development, and preservation of the Lewis and Clark experience. For 50 years, the LCTHF has served as advocate, interpreter, and protector of the trail through its program of grants for trail stewardship and education. The LCTHF and its chapters across the country have promoted Lewis and Clark scholarship, developed educational programs, worked to steward the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, and encouraged the telling of all the stories of the Expedition including those of the the tribes they met.

Lewis and Clark Trust
The Lewis and Clark Trust, Inc. is a friends group of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Our goal is to preserve the story and Trail of the Corps of Discovery and to support the opportunities it provides for economic growth, education, and recreation as well as an understanding of our history as a multicultural people. We recognize the Trail is truly a natural trail that stretches from coast to coast.

National Park Service
The National Park Service cares for America’s more than 400 national parks…and works in almost every one of her 3,141 counties. National Park Service professionals take our mission on the road offering advice, technical assistance, recognition, and even cold, hard cash to help communities across the country preserve their own history and create close-to-home recreation opportunities.

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