Peace Candle of the World

As The Weather Channel’s 2015 Oregon Pick for “Most Incredible Roadside Attraction in Every State,” the Peace Candle of the World is the signpost of Scappoose. Darrell Brock, owner of Western Candle Ltd., began constructing the 50-foot candle in 1969 using an old silo. In 1971, Brock and Oregon Governor Tom McCail lit the candle with a 6-foot match and celebrated the lighting as a symbol of the town’s desire for world peace. While the original candle had a natural gas flame on the inside and 45,000 pounds of wax on the outside, the current candle has a more durable coating and an electric flame. Find the candle on the south end of Scappoose on the northbound side of US 30.

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City of Scappoose
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51539 Southeast 2nd Street, Scappoose, Oregon 97056, United States

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