Paducah Riverfront

Paducah’s Riverfront has been the heart of the town for many years. The city, after all, was built around the river and was an important trade center during the age of steamboats.

Paducah was a very wealthy city that was hotly contested during the Civil War due to its important location, as whoever controlled it would gain access to a large stretch of the Ohio River. While Paducah has changed a great deal since its days as a city port in the 19th century, the Riverfront is still a very important center of city life. 

Today, Paducah’s Riverfront is full of cute shops and historic building, and there is a definite Victorian charm about the entire neighborhood. Visitors may even see some steamboats passing by while enjoying a stroll along the Ohio River.

There are tons of things to do on the riverfront, from visiting local businesses to riding along the bike trail. With its beautiful surroundings, Many of Paducah’s events are held here, including concerts and the Eighth of August Emancipation Celebration. Be sure to see if there are any special events while you’re visiting Paducah!

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