Montana’s Missouri River Country

Montana’s Missouri River Country is located in the Northeast corner of Montana.  A distinct region unto itself, this place of the Great Plains harbors unique landforms.  Grand scenes composed of geologic wonder unfold here.  Space, much of it undisturbed, is its greatest commodity and an unending sky delivers a feeling of no borders or confinement where one can stretch and breathe fresh air.  The land where there is more room to roam.

Explore roads less traveled and enjoy the wealth of opportunities for the adventurist.  If you love big water recreation, wildlife, wild country, paleontology, and uncluttered views that go on forever, the colorful history of the old West, and the dark night skies brilliant with stars, Missouri River Country is where you want to visit.

Lewis and Clark’s adventure-filled historic route through Montana originates and terminates in Missouri River Country.

“The country we passed today…is one of the most beautiful plains we have yet seen, it rises gradually from the river bottom…then becoming level as a bowling green…as far as the eye can reach…”   Meriwether Lewis, May 6, 1805

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    Missouri River Country is wide open spaces. Most, if not all of the motels, and restaurants are handicap accessible. Parking lots are all in close proximity.
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    There is more room to roam and more fresh air in Missouri River Country.
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    Most motels are pet friendly in Missouri River Country