McClintic Wildlife Management Area

The Clifton F. McClintic Wildlife Management Area, known locally as “the TNT area“, is a 3,655-acre area that ranges across farmland, brushland, wetland, and mixed hardwood forests in the lowlands of the valley of the Ohio River. Game traditionally hunted in the management area include deer, grouse, mink, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, woodcock, beaver, muskrat, raccoon, mourning dove, and waterfowl. Twenty-six ponds at McClintic accommodate fishing for warm water species. A 100-yard shooting range has been developed on the property. Camping in the management area is prohibited.

The management area is also famously associated with the alleged first encounter with Mothman, a cryptid (mythic animal that has not been confirmed to exist) reputed to haunt the ruins and bunkers of the former WV Ordnance Works that once operated in this area during World War II.

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