Lucky Cat

The “Lucky Cat” name was inspired by a gold lucky cat statue in the office where I used to work. A mascot that started out as a silly gift passed around at employee Christmas parties. When it landed in the office, my co-workers and I quickly realized that it made people smile… it’s fun and unexpected! People, especially kids, loved to see the little gold cat waving in the window.
Historically, it’s known as maneki-neko or a Japanese “beckoning cat”, a lucky charm believed to bring good luck to whoever owns it. The most common lucky cat colors are white, followed by black, and then gold. A white lucky cat is said to bring happiness, purity, and positive energy. The luckiest of all is the calico, a black cat is meant to lure away evil spirits, and a gold cat is for money or good fortune.
Lucky Cat specializes in graphic t-shirts, apparel, and accessories.
T-shirts are an American Classic loved all over the world. Both comfortable and fashionable, a t-shirt tells your story. Who doesn’t love a great t-shirt?
Lucky Cat got it’s start as a pop-up shop back in November of 2016.
The brick and mortar store opened in June of 2018

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Lucky Cat
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300 2nd Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631, United States

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    Tuesday 11AM–6PM Wednesday 11AM–6PM Thursday 11AM–6PM Friday 11AM–6PM Saturday 10AM–3PM Sunday Closed Monday Closed
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    Prices vary based on design
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    Hello! My name is Elisha Meadows-Biland, I am a Graphic Designer and the owner of "Lucky Cat" - a small, female owned business located in Gallipolis, Ohio. Gallipolis is a beautiful town located in SE Ohio along the mighty Ohio River. I am proud to say that my roots run deep in Ohio and West Virginia.