Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures

Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures offers you the chance to confront the same obstacles, to enjoy the same triumphs, and to walk the same path that Lewis and Clark Traveled. We have carefully chosen areas for you to explore that remain much the same as when Lewis & Clark first explored the west: Canoeing the famed White Cliffs of the Missouri River and hiking or biking the rugged and remote Lolo Trail, or a combination of land and river.

Paddle the Wild & Scenic Upper Missouri and uncover the layers of history. You’ll camp where the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped, see what they saw and learn about their trip from our experienced guides. For any river traveler, this trip offers a very accessible route of discovery: geology, wildlife, Native American culture, early explores and the pioneers that followed.

Walk in the last true remaining footsteps of Lewis & Clark on the Lolo Trail where little has changed since the expedition crossed here in 1805-1806. Experience why Lewis & Clark described this area as the most challenging yet majestic portion of their journey. The Lolo Trail is a high mountainous ridgeline trail that allows you to see where the expedition came from and brings to light the decisions they faced. You will have the opportunity to explore Lewis Clark camps rarely visited in the last 200 years.

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Wayne Fairchild-Lewis

912 E. Broadway Missoula, MT 59807

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  • Locally or Family Owned Notes

    Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures was founded by Wayne Fairchild, after graduating from the University of Montana in 1989. Wayne decided to start an outdoor recreation business that allowed him to share his enthusiasm for history and adventure. Every year Wayne and wife, Gia, travel along the Lewis and Clark Trail or travel abroad, gaining experience and learning about new people and places as a way to put their experience in context. Wayne and Gia oversee the organization of your trip based from Missoula, as well as guide some of the trips. They are happy to share their knowledge, and hope that you will enjoy traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail with them.