Huff Indian Village State Historic Site

This exciting historical site was originally occupied by prehistoric Mandan tribal members beginning in 1450 A.D. Today visitors can explore the prehistoric settlement that was once fortified and protected by an extensive ditch and fencing system.

Major Archaeological studies have increased our understandings of the ancient Mandan people at Huff. For example, we now know that:

  • The community participated in both agricultural farming of corn, beans, and squash and bison hunting.
  • Preservation methods of drying extra corn, beans, and squash allowed them to trade with nomadic non-farming tribes.
  • The community experienced consistent conflict with neighboring prehistoric tribes, possibly prehistoric Arikara Indians.
  • There may have also been inner-tribe conflict heightened by factors such as climate change and drought.
  • A ceremonial lodge was the entrance of the central plaza which the over 100 other lodges.
  • Ceremonies were held in the ceremonial lodge while dances were performed in the plaza.

Make sure to add the walking tour of this site to your trip itinerary!

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Huff Indian Village Historic Site
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North Dakota Highway 1806, Huff, North Dakota 58554, United States

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    Open year round.
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    Open all year.
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    Free admission, donations welcome.
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    This site is composed of ditches and requires ability to walk on grass.