Hat Rock State Park

Hat Rock is a natural monolith of basalt carved by floods from glaciers melting over ten thousand years ago. Hat Rock was the first distinctive landmark passed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition on their journey down the Columbia, and is one of the few remaining sites not underwater. Lewis and Clark saw this monument on their expedition, and noted that it had a strong resemblance to a man’s hat. Imagine seeing this otherworldly boulder in the middle of a field of rolling hills in a vast, unexplored territory — the members of the expedition must have felt like they were on a different planet!

While visiting Hat Rock today doesn’t have the same element of surprise, visitors will be able to enjoy a truly unique and beautiful landscape. The main attraction is of course, Hat Rock, and most people hike in the park to admire its natural beauty. The park is a desert oasis surrounded by rolling sagebrush hills and outcroppings of basalt. This special place offers visitors a chance to escape the summer heat under the shelter of cottonwood and black locust ringed by acres of green grass. Outside of Hat Rock, there are fields of scrubland peppered with flowers, as well as lush trees surrounding bodies of water. The park has its own pond that provides year-round habitat for waterfowl, and is popular for fishing as it is teeming with rainbow trout. It also has access to a lake, noted for walleye, sturgeon, and other fish. The lake is also a great place for water sports like water skiing, jet skiing, swimming and boating.

So bring the kids, enjoy a day on the water, fish in the pond, or play volleyball in the sand court. Hat Rock offers the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature with spacious, well-maintained grounds that offer lots of room for your family or large group to get together for outdoor recreation and fun. It is a perfect place for the whole family to experience the beauty of Oregon along the Columbia River.


Contact Information

Hat Rock State Park - Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
Reservations and Information:
(541) 567-5032

82375 C St, Hermiston, Oregon 97838, United States

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Other Information

  • Seasons Open

    All year
  • Prices and Fees

    Visiiting is free, but reserving an area has an $8 fee and costs $50 per day
  • Accessibility

    Two ADA accessible restrooms.
  • Eco Friendly Notes

    Please treat the environment well so everyone can enjoy this park's beauty! Along the Trails The Hat Rock Trail ascends to the base of Hat Rock and offers a chance to enjoy nature along the pond. Interpretive displays tell about the area's wildlife and past volcanic activity. A short spur leads across the pond to the 10-mile Umatilla County Lewis and Clark Commemorative Trail and Lake Wallula overlook. You will find information there about the trail and the Lewis and Clark expedition. Appreciate the Wildlife The park's pond, its lakeside position and its irrigated expanses are home to abundant waterfowl. Barn owls live on the cliffs above Lake Wallula. Eagles also spend winters along the lake shore. Beavers, muskrats and deer are among the resident mammals. Park Amenities 50 picnic tables, and four group areas available for reservation at oregonstateparks.reserveamerica.com. A large pond for fishing. The pond is a spring-fed arm of Lake Wallula and is stocked with rainbow trout. A boat ramp with access to Lake Wallula, a 64-mile-long reservoir perfect for water skiing, jet skiing and waterfowl hunters. Anglers can fish for walleye, sturgeon and other varieties. Hat Rock Trail leading to a close-up view of Hat Rock.