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Welcome to Harpsicle® Harps, where we put lightweight and lovely harps with delightful voices into the hands of musicians, artists, poets, children, retirees, and harpists just like you, all around the world. We truly believe that our harps can make you feel warm and joyful inside. If that’s what you’re looking for, you are in the right place. Explore all of our harps and enjoy!

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Plus loads of harp accessories and music too!


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Harpsicle Harps on Main
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222 Main Street, Rising Sun, Indiana 47040, United States

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    Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday and Monday closed
  • Locally or Family Owned Notes

    In June of 2000 William and Pamela relocated to Rising Sun, Indiana. They bought a 7000 square foot building, which was part manufacturing space and part retail space. The part retail, part manufacturing space was built in 1881 and the Rees' had the building completely rehabbed. They moved in June of 2000. Once settled in Rising Sun, William and Pamela did quite a bit of hiring including Rebecca, William's daughter, and her husband Shannon along with Melissa Irwin, now Garen's wife. Rees is extremely fortunate to have talented and dedicated employees, but the core continues to be family and it is the second generation who are carrying the business forward. The business thrived in Indiana and by 2003, when William introduced his newest creation, the Harpsicle® Harp, to the world, things really took off. Now Rees Concert Line Harps and Harpsicle® Harps have spread around the world and our little harp lutherie just keeps chugging away!