Frederick Weistar House

The Frederick Weistar House (aka the Stone Cottage) was built by Frederick Weistar, a Swiss immigrant, in the late 1850s. The house is an architecturally significant example of a mid-nineteenth-century domestic stone dwelling with a two-door facade and German vernacular characteristics.  The one-story limestone home is two rooms wide and one room deep. The house consists of four rooms with two front doors leading to the rooms on the main floor. Houses of this style were very popular single-family residences at the time, but this house is the only one remaining in Chester.  It is currently part of the Randolph County Museum.

Often, travelers only consider grand manors or palaces when thinking of historic homes. The Frederick Weistar House allows visitors to see a more modest family’s home from the late 1800s, allowing some understanding of life during this period. If you’re interested in how people from the past lived, then a visit to the Frederick Weistar House is a must.


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Frederick Weistar House
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515 Chestnut St., Chester, Illinois

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