Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Between 1828 and 1867, Fort Union was the most important fur trade post on the Upper Missouri River. Here, the Assiniboine and six other Northern Plains Indian Tribes exchanged buffalo robes and smaller furs for goods from around the world, including cloth, guns, blankets, and beads. A bastion of peaceful coexistence, the post annually traded over 25,000 buffalo robes and $100,000 in merchandise.

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Loren Yellow Bird - Fort Union Trading Post NHS

15550 Highway 1804 Williston, ND 58801 US

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    8:00am to 6:30pm CDT Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9:00am to 5:00pm CDT Labor Day to Memorial Day
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    Fort Union Trading Post sits on the Montana/North Dakota border, 25 miles southwest of Williston ND and 25 miles north of Sidney MT. The fort sits on the North Dakota side where the main parking lot is 1/4 mile on the Montana side. There is a slight climb in elevation when coming from the smaller parking lot which is about 500 feet from the fort. Park grounds are mostly accessible to wheel chairs, but there are some stairs. A ramp to the Bourgeois House Visitor Center will be installed on request and parking lot shuttle service is available for visitors who have difficulty walking. Please have a member of your party contact the ranger at the Visitor Center desk. Video program includes closed captions and narration. A hands-on exhibit of animal pelts is available.