Fort Thompson Mounds

Stretching for 6 miles along the Missouri river, this National Historic Landmark is the largest burial mound complex in the Great Plains! Dating back to the 8th century, archaeological discoveries from these mounds include:

  • Some of the oldest pottery in the Great Plains region
  • Stone hearths
  • Stone tools

The significance of human remains found within these mounds, indicate the mound’s primary purpose as a burial site. It is expected then that visitors should treat these sacred burial lands with respect.

Located near Fort Thompson, in the Crow Creek Reservation, this is a landmark you don’t want to miss. Crow Creek Reservation is a hidden gem offering visitors the opportunity to explore tribally owned local businesses and art stores. Crow Creek Reservation is broken into three districts:

  • Big Bend
  • Crow Creek
  • Fort Thompson (Capital)

Find out more about the people of Sioux Nation and theirCrow-Creek community here: Crow Creek Connections – Crow Creek Sioux Reservation

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Fort Thompson Mounds
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East Fort Thompson Road, Fort Thompson, South Dakota 57339, United States

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    This national historic landmark is a natural area that should be viewed at a distance out of respect to its sacred purpose of being a burial site. They can generally be seen along a terrace above the Missouri river's bottomlands, roughly 50 feet (15 m) above the river's typical level