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The Choctaw homeland includes what is now eastern Mississippi and western Alabama. In 1825, William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, met with the Choctaw and Chickasaw to convince them to move west. With the signing of the Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty in 1830, the Choctaw were forced to permanently move to their present home in Oklahoma.

Today, travelers find a clean, safe store experience at Choctaw Travel Plazas in Oklahoma. In addition to meeting fueling needs, Choctaw Travel Plazas offer hot prepared foods, coffee bars and exciting gaming at the famous Casino Too casinos.

Choctaw Travel Plazas also feature an extensive selection of products at smoke shops, beer caves and cultural centers at some locations. Choctaw Travel Plazas are known to travelers as convenience destinations with so much more. Whether local, or traveling through the area to the Lewis and Clark Trail, Choctaw Travel Plaza staff look forward to welcoming visitors and helping them fill their needs.

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Choctaw Travel Plazas
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