Choctaw Country Markets

“Chahta” is what the Choctaw people call themselves, which is the name of a legendary Choctaw leader and also means “the people.” The Choctaw homeland includes what is now eastern Mississippi and western Alabama. In 1825, William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, met with the Choctaw and Chickasaw to convince them to move west. With the signing of the Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty in 1830, the Choctaw were forced to permanently move to their present home in Oklahoma.

Today, travelers of Choctaw country are offered an enjoyable, convenient shopping experience at Choctaw Country Markets. These markets provide a chance to fill up with a tank of gas, fill a hungry appetite, or fill a grocery list—Choctaw Country Markets has it covered. They also have free WiFi access.

Choctaw Country Markets can be found at three locations in Oklahoma: Clayton, Boswell, and Coalgate. The Chahta Grill is also located inside Choctaw Country Markets. To find the Choctaw Country Market locations, visit

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Choctaw Country Markets
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406 Lawson Boulevard, Clayton, Oklahoma 74536, United States

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Other Information

  • Hours Open

    Currently open from 7am-8pm. Chahta Grill's located inside Choctaw Country Markets are currently only open for call in orders only until 7pm.
  • Seasons Open

    Open all seasons