Chester Welcome Center

The Chester Welcome Center is located adjacent to the Chester Bridge on a bluff above the Mississippi River.  A Lewis and Clark marker with history about Lewis and Clark and their voyage of discovery is located on the grounds.  The deck of the Welcome Center provides an amazing view of the river and bridge.  It is a very good place to get information about local attractions and to take a break when you’re on your journey.

Southern Illinois was a crucial part of Lewis and Clark’s trip to the West.  Since Illinois was the frontier during the age of Lewis and Clark,  it was the last place  they could recruit men and purchase supplies for the trip west. No one in the Eastern United States had any idea what to expect past the Mississippi, so Lewis and Clark made preparations in Southern Illinois. Visitors to Chester can explore the rich history of the Corps of Discovery before continuing west along The Lewis and Clark Trail.

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Bridge Bypass Road, Chester, Illinois 62233, United States

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