Cathy Kline Art Gallery

Parkville is known for being a hub for local artists, and few artistic establishments in the town compare to the Cathy Kline Art Gallery. The gallery itself is in a historic train station, which gives it a very eclectic feel. The exhibitions shown at the gallery vary a great deal and have included impressionist works, statues, and even musical performances! The gallery’s owner, Cathy Kline, is an artist herself, and she has quite an impressive portfolio of works that give off a bright, warm vibe. She’s had many guests over the years, including Gary Staab, a sculptor who is well known for his depictions of prehistoric life. The exhibits change often so there is always a fresh feeling and you can have a totally different experience the next time you go to Parkville.

In the gallery, visitors can admire the art and maybe even buy some to take home. However, if a visitor wants a more interactive experience, they can go to one of the gallery’s workshops. At these workshops, artists teach their guests how to make a certain type of art. These workshops range from card-making, to calligraphy, to introductions to Russian Impressionism!

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Cathy Kline
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8701 NW River Park Dr, Kansas City, Missouri 64152, United States

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    Be sure to check on the times that the workshops are being held!
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    Open all seasons
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    The gallery is very supportive of local artists and is run by local artist, Cathy Kline.