Kamiah, Idaho

Kamiah is the ancestral home of the Nez Perce people. It is here that Lewis & Clark spent the spring of 1806 with the NiMiiPuu while waiting for the snow to melt in the Bitterroot Mountains.

Kamiah is predominately a lumber community. The mild climate and rich soil are suitable for successful agricultural pursuits.

Kamiah is located along the banks of the Clearwater River which flows through the Clearwater Valley.

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Latitude: 46.2271 Longitude: -116.029 Elevation: 1234 ft
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Kamiah Welcome Center



In the early 19th century, the Euro-Americans began settling in the Kamiah Valley. They were drawn to the plentiful stand of timber that covered the hillsides.

The early settlers were drawn to this valley in hopes of starting a new life, free from the worries of war and religious oppression. This is the Nez Perce's homeland. When the Lewis & Clark Expedition came through the area, they encountered the NiNiiPuu. They were a friendly and kind nation. This report was sent back to President Jefferson, opening the doors for settlement of this region by Euro-Americans.

The town was settled in early 1900's

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